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"I am on my third month now and have gained 2 INCHES by combining your pills with the stretching exercises! I think it is the only and best way to grow taller because I am also in better shape than EVER!" Steve Bradbury, New York

"Too many products claim to increase height but none of them back it up. I tried other products and nothing has worked except GEP! I look younger, feel better, and stand taller at 36!" Chris Chong, San Francisco

"Boy do I feel ENERGY! I have felt depressed for a couple of years do to my height. I am shorter than my friends and feel awful. Well, I am here to tell you that I have made progress by taking your pills. I have gained 4 INCHES in seven months with stretching exercises! But I got something else to tell you, my depression has gone away and it is because of Grow Enhancer Plus! Thanks!" Michael Ho, Cali

"I have been using GEP pills for four months and have gained 1 and 1/2 inches without doing anything!" Walker Stockton, Nevada.

"I tried other products that claim to make me taller, however they do not work. Your GEP pills did work for me since I have already gained two inches in six months and I am only 17! Mike Chaney, Minnesota

"I am 32 years-old and have tried many products to gain height. My girlfriend noticed changes in my height after taking the pills and performing stretching exercises for four months! I did not measure my height until the fourth month and to my surprise I am 2 1/4 inches taller! Tina Kendrick, Singapore

"Your Growth Enhancer Plus pills are great. I love taking them because I feel a tingling sensation all over my bones and joints. Its almost as if you can feel yourself getting TALLER! Dwayne Demilia, Miami

"I just got my three month supply of your GEP pills and am very excited about them. I definately feel more energetic and focused within 10 minutes after popping a pill; everytime! I feel great. I think I am going to take these pills for many more months based on the benefits alone." Robert Johnson, Texas

"WOW, finally a complete pill that helps me grow taller! I am impressed after gaining 1/2 inch in two months without stretching exercises! Let's see how much more I will GROW!" Jerry Stew, UK

"First off, I would like to congratulate you for providing all of us with a product that does what it claims. There is alot of b...s... out there that does not work. Your pills work and I am living proof! What's in them?" Linda Lim, Cali

"Your pills really work. I was doing the stretching exercises for three months and gained a little height so I decided to buy the Growth Enhancer Plus pills. Finally I am seeing results that I wanted to see!" Melanie Luis, Australia

"My son is short and I wanted to help him get taller and improve his height. So far the pills seem to be working not only physically but mentally as well. Thank you very much." Lisa Chu, Seattle

"For years I have been waiting for a product like yours to grow taller and increase my height. Finally my money has been well spent. Your product not only made me taller but provides a source of energy and vital nutrients necessary for my hard lifestyle." Fabian Wang, New York

"I can already see the competition melt, no other product has the quality and effectiness that yours provides on how to grow taller. Chances are they will try to put your product down only because they know it works and theirs does not, take care and thanks" Suzie Hasselhoff, England


Finally, you can effortlessly increase your height, increase your energy, improve your vitality, and enhance your focus, with...

The EXACT Supplement We Used To Help Many individuals Grow while they slept! Find Out How An Amazing Formula:

  • Increases Bone Mass And Density
  • Thickens Cartilage, Ligaments, and Tendons
  • Increases Energy
  • Increases Vitality
  • Improves Focus
  • Enhances Memory
  • Increase Height
  • Stimulates GROWTH
    Grow Taller And Increase Your Height With The Best Supplement Available for Height!

Dear friend,

If you are peforming stretching exercises now you can use these special supplements to increase your height levels. And because popping a pill is easy, every time you go to sleep brings you guaranteed results.

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There's just one problem.

The bigger you get, and the more people start to notice you, the bigger your ego becomes. Just getting through the compliments and attention you receive will become a challenge, that you must be prepared to handle.

Look. If you have all the time in the world if you don't care about making your height goal a reality or if you just like doing things the slow and painful way then don't waste your time with us. Average male height is increasing! The height-boosting, height increase, high quality secrets ingredients we are about to share won't interest you at all.

However, if you'd like to discover how you can...

  • Increase your height by a dramatic 34.7% (or more!) by swallowing a tiny pill three times daily-- automatically!
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  • Easily start to look and feel younger as the days go by-- automatically!
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... then you'll want to pay close attention to what we are about to share with you on how to grow taller.

Because we are about to show you a revolutionary new formula that you can use to enhance the results you are getting
while you're relaxing on a beach... or finding other ways to grow and increase your height!

But this breakthrough height increase formula will not be affordable for fact the price will probably go up soon because it is so effective...

Your Week Can Be Consumed By Food Preporatory Chores!

Take it from some of our serious height increase clients. They had to prepare the appropriate meals everyday. Yes, we said every day! Of course, it didn't have to be that way. But if we hadn't provided them these supplements early on, they would never have had the time to prepare every meal and grow.

The fact is, most individuals get so bogged down by routine tasks, frustrations, and growing pains, it takes them a long time (often forever) to achieve any real growth!

And that's why we want to prepare you… If you don't take control of your height efforts now – if you don't automate the tasks and routines that will demand your time over and over again – food preparation WILL take over your life.

You didn't start your growth enhancement routines so you could do the job of a cook, did you? You started it so you could have more fun, spend more time with your family, feel better about yourself, and most importantly, control how you spend your time!

If we are right about this, GrowthEnhancerPlus is absolutely essential to your success. That's because it will free you forever from the repetitive chores, tasks, and routines that your growth enhancement routine will require such as…

  • Shopping for the right ingredients that increase height.
  • Spending money on special foods necessary for growth.
  • Preparing meals that help you grow taller.
  • Taking the time to eat your meals that enhance growth
  • Waiting for your body to digest the food you eat and benefit.

Without GrowthENHANCERPlus increase height supplements, just these tasks can eat up hours every day and keep you from other important tasks. This is why we personally use GrowthENHANCERPlus every day wherever we go. It makes our life a whole lot easier. Honestly, we can't imagine what we would do without it.

And we know what were talking about…

Our researchers saved hundreds of hours of manual growth enhancement food preparations per year. And yes, they also have the desire to grow taller.

You'll understand why when you look at our track record:

  • Body Image Solutions has been providing GEP supplements to many people every month for over one year. The results of these individuals have been amazing.
  • The individuals that have been performing the exercises have accelerated their height increases by 37%.
  • Many of them personally thank us for their results and fight to receive our supplements for an additional year. We rarely provide free stuff but these individuals deserve it.
  • The results our clients have received have attracted more customers than we had expected. Once they find something that works most of them tell their friends and family who also end up wanting to try our product to get taller.
  • Because we have personally taken the supplements ourselves some of our colleagues feel the price we currently provide is too low for bone growth. They suggest we increase the price soon.

But you don't have to take our word for it, increase height testimonials are available.

Feel free to read any of our customers whose testimonials you'll find in this link.

Increasing Your Height Progress By 37% (or more!) – In Just A Few Extra Minutes, With NO Extra Costs…

Too often, individuals mistakenly assume that a little effort is all you need to gain height. They don't realize that supplements play a HUGE role in building and growing both your body and mind!

Let us give you an example of exactly how beneficial taking supplements can be… we have a large number of people who know and trust us. And when we do comprehensive research on growth every individual we contact is excited and willing to participate.

Well, just recently we sent these individuals a six month supply of our GEP height increase pills and within three months we had received results from nearly 85% of them!

They added a few Cm of height by just taking pills, Seriously! The are getting taller, period

That's why we say our supplements can dramatically increase your overall height— if you use them the way we show you, that is!

If You Are Not Following Our Advise and performing stretching exercises while taking our supplements you are wasting time!

We are going to let you in on a little secret… Did you know that 20% of your total body height can be manipulated and lengthened by inches! Its true!

The fact is, first-time grow taller customers are always the most difficult to convince but have the highest potential to grow. The reason is they have not yet increased their height like our customers and therefore have unresolved growth potential available.

It is a HUGE mistake to overlook the fact that our supplements can increase your height!

You will gain far bigger results by focusing on the exercises and supplementing your body with what it needs to grow, increase height!

Think about it… You've already spent the money to apply the stretching exercises, build your height from level 1, establish an exercise routine, and closed the initial step necessary to grow. You've overcome the obstacle of gaining height!

This is why supplements can only add to your progress…

It's easy to take supplements because all you need is a glass of water! And unlike buying food every week that can help you increase your height, you already have the pills you need to increase your height!

So every dollar you spend can be spent on something else!

Plus, if you do it right and you have a respectable routine, you'll almost always generate an increase in height and grow taller. That's a guaranteed result every time you take a pill! And with GrowthEnhancerPlus, this process is a quick and painless way to get taller!

Use GrowthEnhancerPlus to grow taller if you are average male height ,short, or tall,compelling yourself to buy a six month supply is one of the best thing you could do for yourself. These pills, are an easy way for you to start gaining height results through your exercises very quickly!

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Like we mentioned earlier, we recently received followups from clients that accelerated their height progress by taking our supplements. They did not need to do anything else except drink a glass of water with GEP and started to get taller!

And there's nothing unusual about this at all!

Supplements have been around for many years because they are effective!

The most important thing you could do right now is get started. So if you want to rake up all of benefits you can get from taking GEP, never stop taking them!

Of course, the best thing about this powerful bone growth supplement, in our opinion, is that it's an exceptional value … only $69.95 (one month supply) A bargain when you consider that you get safer and permanent results compared to limb lengthening which costs up to $45,000.

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Height Increase At Any Age!
What Makes GrowthENHANCERPlus™ Different Than Other Products?  

Only GrowthENHANCERPlus offers these exclusive immediate benefits:

•Increased physical endurance under stress.
•Increased mental alertness.
•Increased athletic performance.
•Protection from toxins.
•Support of cardiovascular health.
•Enhancement of immunity.
•Support of the endocrine system.
•Enhanced vision

GrowthENHANCERPLUS™ will also help you:

•Lose weight
•Increase energy, vitality and stamina
•Enhance the immune system
•get taller
•Relieve allergy and asthma symptoms
•Improve sexual function
•Correct digestion problems
•Slow the aging process
•Prevent cancer and other diseases

As if that weren't enough GrowthENHANCERPlus also:

  • Improves cerebral metabolism
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Helps with memory loss
  • increase height
  • Fights free radicals
  • Helps with depression
  • Blocks asthma attacks
  • Protects against radiation chromosomal damage
  • Protects against retinal damage
  • Protects the heart muscle
  • Reduces risk of hypoxic damage to the brain
  • Bone Growth with calcium

Moreover Research shows this formula supports and nourishes :

- All Joints, Hands, Wrists, Knees, Neck, Back, Hips, Ankles, and Feet

- Cartilage tissue throughout the body

- Aids in preventing and treating Osteoarthritis, Arthritis, Bone injuries, Joint injuries and more...

- Great for athletes to maintain healthy, strong bones and maintain stamina!

It alsocontains more protein than any other natural food, along with the 22 amino acids of the human body.

GrowthENHANCERPlus is the total package and the best product available anywhere in the world that will help you achieve your height dreams.


  • Stimulates Bone/Cartilage Growth
  • Increases Energy
  • Improves Vitality
  • Enhances Focus
What is GrowthENHANCERPlus™?

* is a supplement for human growth, height increase.

* is the only product of its kind that provides real growth results.

*contains a Special Ingredient, a substance that is naturally produced in your body and serves as a building block for healthy joints, cartilage, and bone.*

*is the only supplement that includes a special blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals thus making it the most complete growth enhancement product on the market.

GrowthENHANCERPlus™ helps:

Mature Adults Seeking A Second Chance For Growth ------------------------------Not just for open growth plates anymore. As our bodies age, the ability to produce some of the nutrients essential for bone, joint, and cartilage growth declines. Clinical research (please see published references) has demonstrated that taking some dietary supplements like those packed into GrowthENHANCERPlus™ provides essential building blocks for proper cartilage lubrication, bone growth,and joint health as well as for connective tissue maintenance.

Individuals Needing Support For Their Growth Spurt----------------------------A high quality supplement is not only essential but vital for individuals needing that extra growth burst that is so important in life. These individuals are considered "Hard Gainers" in height because they still maintain open growth plates but their body does not take full advantage of their growth potential to get taller.

Whether you are a die-hard or a weekend athlete, extra stress is imposed on your joints as well as your life. Regular use of GrowthENHANCERPlus™ helps alleviate pain caused by athletic endeavors, rebuild cartilage, and relieve stress levels. Stress is a precursor to stunted growth. Find out how to grow taller during your rest periods.

Individuals Desiring Extra Height For Personal or Social Reasons
Providing vital nutrients to supporting and connective tissues and cartilage may prove to be a wise long-term investment with a huge dividend when healthy joints and bodies are needed for active lifestyles. Extra height benefits will also improve your personal and social life.

Stretching Exercises-------------------------------------------------------------Extra body weight exerts more pressure on the spine, joints, and bones. Spinal compression, back pain, curved spine, and decrease in height are aging symptoms. If you are currently performing a stretching exercise routine and are average height it is absolutely important to take this product. Stretching exercises cause an increase in height but with this supplement you will not only be taller but you will grow faster as well. Extra nutrients that support cartilage functions are essential for the proper health of joints and height increase.


With that said, please note that the GrowthEnhancerPlus supplements are available through Body Image Solutions only, so you'll be able to get started increasing your height and energy within the next few days since for a limited time we are including priority shipping to most countries! You have now found out how to grow taller, increase height.

Enjoy! Staff:

Patricia Statton, Mike Burk, Irwin Cunningham, Dr. Jesus Serrano, C. Duarte

Grow Taller At Any Age! Growing taller is possible iwth Growth Enhancer Plus