Calcium Deficiency, Growth Deficiency

By Carlos Duarte-UCLA Medicine

Nutrition - Calcium insufficiency

Most physicians agree that the majority of Americans are not consuming the adequate amount of calcium in the diet that they should. So, what's the big deal most people say? Well, a lot!

According to the RDA, adults should consume at least 1000 mg calcium per day, and pregnant or post-menopausal women should be taking in close to 1800 mg calcium per day. So, what happens if you don't take in enough calcium? Well, first lets' talk about the role calcium plays in the body.

Calcium is an essential mineral that is utilized for many complex bodily reactions in your body. For example, it's necessary for your muscles to contract during exercise, to maintain a healthy heart beat, and to allow certain hormones to be released in the blood during normal food metabolism (like insulin). This is all in addition to being the primary ingredient in bone growth in the body. Calcium is vital for proper bone formation and growth not only in young children and adolescents, but in adults and the elderly as well! Basically, you can never stop utilizing calcium, even when your 70 years old! This is especially important for those of you taking growth hormone to grow taller.

In addition, it's been recently reported that calcium plays an integral role in fat metabolism and energy expenditure. So if you're not taking sufficient calcium every day, you might actually be negatively affecting your body's tendency to lose weight in addition to preventing your bones from becoming stronger and growing larger.

So, if I want to grow taller, what should I do? Well, for starters you should be taking growth supplement to allow your muscles and bones to grow bigger. In addition, as previously stated, you need to be taking in an adequate amount of calcium in order for the growth supplements to exert their effect. Growth hormone and calcium is kind of like lifting weights and eating protein - in order for the first to do it's job, you need to be consuming the right vitamins and minerals in order for your body to make bigger muscles or make your bones grow stronger and longer.

Now, how can you make sure that you're obtaining the right amount of calcium every day? For starters, if you're a pregnant or post-menopausal women (45+), you should definitely be taking some sort of calcium supplement. In addition, if you're a normal adult male (especially if you're yearning to grow taller), then you should also be taking in at least 1000 mg calcium a day. Some good sources of calcium are low fat milk, calcium fortified orange juice, kale, or cottage cheese.

Remember taking the right diet will not give you the optimal results you need. The calcium only gives you the maximal effect if you're taking the adequate amount of supplements - it's GEP supplements that helps build you longer, stronger bones! The growth hormone acts as the trigger that set the process in motion, but the calcium is one of the major ingredients that actually builds and strengthens your bones. So as you order the growth supplement, remember to consume the appropriate amount of calcium in order to allow you to grow as much as you can. So go to your fridge right now and pour a tall cold glass of milk and enjoy~*

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