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Robert Curiel

Attitude Counts-

One of the hardest things in life is to learn to focus on the things you can change, and to let go of those that you cannot. For example, when I was back in high school I remember going through all of the fads and social problems that most of us went through (peer pressure, hanging out with the "wrong crowd", rebellion, etc.), but when I was a junior I recall going through a mild depression.

I recall being obsessed with my looks and not liking what I saw. It was either my height, my hair, my facial appearance, my skin, or just simply not having a car (the latter changed once I became a senior FYI), but still, I was obsessed with my appearance and what I viewed to be my inability to change it. I learned (after many years of reflection), that it was my attitude that I needed to change.

My attitude was completely negative and pessimistic. Not only was it affecting my emotional and physical well-being, but it was creeping into my studies and personal relationships. Well, after months of self-absorption and deprecation, I received a phone call from a stranger.

This person (whom to this day I don't know the identity of) called me anonymously via a crank call because they too were also depressed, but with suicidal tendencies. At first, this person kept crank calling the house, and then eventually I just sat there talking to the phone for nearly five minutes until I eventually head a response from the person on the other side. This guy had a problem with his girlfriend who had left him. He was all alone and blaming himself and trying to find an excuse for her decision to dump him. He was basically blaming his height and asking me how he could change it. The funny thing is that even back in high school I was already somewhat of a nutrition/exercise buff and so giving advise (even to someone who I had never seen) seemed pretty natural to me. We had an hour conversation and discussed his attitude adjustment and the need to focus on the things that he can change and to let go of the other things that he cannot. I gave him advise on a diet and exercise regimen. I talked to him once and never heard from him again.

The moral of the story is that the right attitude is just as important as personal health and diet. If your goals are not clear and positive, then no matter how many supplements or stretching exercises you pump - you won't achieve your maximal potential unless your mind and body are in unison. Body Image Solutions supplements and other nutritional products exert their maximum potential when both your body and mental state are correctly in tune.

Studies over the years have time and time again concluded that a positive mind is essential not only for longevity, optimal health, personal success, and sexual libido, but also for the body to absorb nutrients and supplements in order to achieve their maximal potential. The mind and body are not two, but (as Descartes elegantly put it) - the mind and body are one entity that work together. As such, since growth hormone is made in the hypothalamus (brain) and elicits it effect over all of your cellular tissues (body), then it's quite logical to understand how the mind and body need to be on the same wavelength in order for growth hormone to provide the maximal benefit. So the next time you're at the gym or health food store, remember that the right mindset is just as important as the right food and nutritional supplements you take~*

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5 Ways To Grow Taller

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