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Issue number 108
December 2009

grow taller exercises

Mental Edge - Decide that you Want to take Control Today

By Cynthia M. Reynolds

Most people today are so busy living frenetic lives, that they don't have time to pay attention to their health as they should. As a result, they are not really living a full life, but merely existing. But what's does it mean to live? It means maximizing your life to the limit, every day, always. Whether you're a single mother, a college student embarking on your career goals, or married with a family and a mortgage - we all can be doing much more to get the most out of our lives. The key is to plan and think before acting. This is where proper nutrition and supplements can give you the boost to be more productive and successful, and give you a competitive mental and physical edge, which we all need now more than ever.

Medical studies in the last 10 years have concluded that nutrition supplements in conjunction with a sound, healthy lifestyle can greatly benefit a person's daily performance and ability to grow lean muscle mass and enhance other normal bodily processes (that can effect growth and stature) by increasing normal metabolic processes that allows a person to absorb nutrients (such as calcium and iron) more effectively!

Now what does this have to do with growing taller and maximizing your physical potential? It says that you have a choice of how you can live and improve your physical stature! Recall that calcium is the basic building block of muscles. 97% of all calcium is stored in your bones and only a fraction (about 25%) of calcium ingested everyday is actually absorbed in the small intestine. So, while taking your calcium supplements is a good start in helping you grow taller, the other important part of the equation is just how well your body absorbs and processes this ingested calcium.

The calcium supplements in Growth Enhancer Plus(tm) come from the most pure sources of calcium - oyster shells - that are the most potent and readily absorbable forms of calcium in the market today. In addition, by taking the right steps recommended by leading researchers and physicians such as eating healthy, getting the right sleep, and taking the appropriate nutrition supplements - you can improve your internal and external well-being and live a more productive life and enjoy the fruits of looking better and growing stronger and taller!

All of this starts with visualizing and planning your lifestyle accordingly. As stated earlier, you don't want to live day by day waking up, going to work (or school), coming home, sleeping, and starting the cycle all over the next day. You need to learn to believe in yourself and "see" yourself actually reaching greatness, whether that is at work, school, your personal life, or simply achieving your own personal goals such as losing weight, adding muscle, or most importantly, growing taller.

Visualization is a powerful tool and with it, it can help anybody tap into their inner self and allow one to achieve goals that were previously considered unattainable. Add an exercise regimen and diet, AND the correct amount of nutrition supplements from Growth Enhancer Plus(tm), and you have the recipe for unlimited success and an improved slender, muscular, and taller you. Act now and click on this link to see a special offer just for you! http://www.growthenhancer.com/monthlybonus


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