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Attention: For years, growth enhancement experts have quietly helped others discover a newly found confidence and increased self-esteem with these little-known height increase secrets. Now you can use this information yourself. You will grow taller!

We guarantee it!

Are you ready to improve your life? To grow taller and change the way you feel about yourself? To get noticed and receive the respect you want and deserve? To feel healthy and energetic? To increase height, be taller, stronger, and better looking? Then you've come to the right place.

Welcome! This site is dedicated to you and everyone else who desires to improve their height and maximize their growth potential. You should bookmark this page so that you can revisit it as often as you would like to gain knowledge and understanding of revolutionary methods for growing taller that have been developed and are currently being perfected by our experts. You can grow taller at any age.

You will discover new, proven-to-be effective, heart-pounding techniques currently being applied by thousands of men, women, teenagers, and children all over the world! These techniques have the potential to make you grow taller which will change and improve your life!

Did you know :

  • That you can manipulate your growth regardless of genetics and what others have say.
  • thin and sculpted stomach and back
  • enhanced ability to perform skilled movements
  • increased mental and physical relaxation
  • enhanced development of body awareness
  • reduced risk of injury to joints, muscles, and tendons
  • reduced muscular soreness
  • enhanced physical fitness
  • increased suppleness due to stimulation of the production of chemicals which lubricate connective tissues
  • enhanced ability to learn and perform skilled movements
  • reduced severity of painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea) in females

To put it clearly; You will grow taller; You will think clearly: You will be physically fit; You will have lots of energy; You will reduce the effects of aging; Your organs will function better; You will be able to enjoy your life!

Growth Enhancement System

There are many important factors that will contribute to your overall height development. Knowledge is power and having this information will give you an edge in life! You will manipulate your overall height increase by knowing and applying this advanced information on a daily basis. The results that you obtain can be life changing as well as life enduring! You will look great and feel confident about yourself. You will have a greater self-esteem. You will grow taller. You will succeed!

And you will owe-it-all to yourself for doing something about it. You should pat yourself on the back for taking that first step. For being here!

Dear internet friend, we know how important it is to gain extra inches and increase height. Life can be a difficult and tuff challenge. There are many people that are not comfortable with themselves, in fact, most want to be TALLER. The reasons may vary but the goal is the same ONE.

Whether you are looking for the latest guaranteed to work height increase enhancement information or the reason why your child's height is lagging, you will find them here. This site contains a team of researchers that have some of the best doctors, endocrinologists, and orthopaedics at their disposal!

They are here to provide you with the latest and most advanced physical, nutritional, and psychological height increas information available anywhere.

This is your final stop. Your internet search is OVER! How do we know? Because we have diligently researched (and will continue to do so) ANY and ALL aspects related to human growth and height increase. Below is just a sample of what you will discover:

Height Advantages

Tallness is a subjective term, what one person might consider as tall may be considered short by someone else. Nevertheless the advantages that you will have by being taller are beneficial, in fact, they're ecstatic!

  • Discover the five psychological advantages you will immediately have by being taller.

  • Why being taller will get you more respect and how to benefit from this.

  • The role of dominance and its relationship to height.

  • Why you will receive so much more attention by being taller and how this contributes to better life opportunities. In fact, many clichés indirectly describe tallness, height, or stature as something that you should thrive for.

  • How strength and height correlate and the benefits that this promotes.

  • What 'survival of the fittest' really means today and how you can attract the opposite sex just by knowing this.

Human Growth Periods

Fact: throughout your life you will constantly generate human growth hormone. Maintaining your bodies chemical balance and cell rejuvenation are two main reasons your body generates HGH. Whether you are looking forward to increasing your linear height, developing bone density, or regenerating your bone cells human growth hormone can be manufactured in great amounts and is distributed most often during certain periods of your life. There are a number of factors that, if manipulated correctly, will substantially increase growth hormone levels in your body. This is only a small sample of what you will discover:

  • Learn how to exploit your bodies ability to manufacture human growth hormone to the fullest.

  • Discover the time of day that you will most likely experience a rapid period of growth and how to physically and nutritionally prepare yourself and grow beyond your expectations!

  • Find out which seasons you grow the most so that you can be prepared to soar above all others!

  • What ages you are most likely to experience a growth spurt. How to detect one. What to do immediately if you are experiencing this phenomenon!

  • The chemical/substance that ends a woman's growth spurt sooner than men's. Many women believe that they cannot do anything about this; THEY ARE WRONG! If you are a female, find out how to be in control of your own growth spurt.

  • Why some people in their mid-thirties are still growing! And so can you!

  • Learn the hormonal differences between boys and girls and why many boys and some girls continue to have growth spurts even after their first. You will find out how to improve your chances of having a second or even third growth spurt!

  • Discover what substances accelerate your growth spurt and which ones end it. You may be ending your growth spurt, find out how to prolong it!

  • Why some countries have a higher ratio of individuals that are above average in height. Find out what they are doing so that you can learn by example.

  • Why girls in Northern latitudes begin their growth spurt later in life and how this affects their growth. Also, find out why the latitudinal and longitudinal region you live in indirectly affects your growth.

  • Discover the physical and psychological factors that will improve and/or stunt your growth spurt. What thought processes stunt growth and which ones improve it.

  • Find out how you should think, act, and feel in order to maximize your growth potential. Many extremely tall basketball apply these techniques daily!athletes apply these principles daily!


Over time, gravity will take a toll on the body and cause spinal disc degeneration, muscle loss, and force the body to slump or slouch. However, by maintaining proper postural alignment you can significantly reduce the negative effects of aging as well as promote growth.

  • Learn the proper postural techniques that will make 50-year-olds stand tall and look half their age!

  • The proper spinal cord standing, sitting, and lying down positions that will allow you to maintain and increase your height.

  • The standing, sitting, and lying positions that will stunt your growth and how to avoid them.

  • What muscles support your body and how to develop, tone, and maintain them. You will save so much energy by toning these muscles (energy that can better off spent on lengthening your bones and/or spine)!

  • The best positions that will eliminate back problems and improve height.

  • Discover why millions of people have lower back problems and what to do to completely eliminate them.

  • A few standing and walking guidelines that you should always follow. These guidelines will promote growth and leave you with an enormous amount of energy throughout your day!

  • A few guidelines to follow while sitting and why it is important that you stand up and stretch when sitting for any duration of time.

  • A few lying down positions that will significantly reduce the stress and tension caused by gravity.

  • How to perform a simple back technique that will lower your stress levels immediately. Relieve stress!

  • The negative physical and psychological effects of bad postural habits and how to get rid of them. Millions of people feel exhausted every single day of their lives because of this!

  • Special Equipment designed to relax your muscles, decompress your spine, improve your posture, as well as increase your height.

  • What exercises will improve your posture, broaden your shoulders, and accelerate your growth.

  • How to effectively execute each one of them.

  • What your posture says about you.

  • The benefits that smiling has on your growth and mental well-being.

  • The positive mind and body connection created when maintaining excellent posture.

  • Why being in an active social environment will improve your posture and make you grow taller.

  • Why good posture and body balance will leave you with an enormous amount of energy during a hard days work.

  • Discover why maintaining good posture sends a powerful psychological signal and how to promote positive responses from others. You can easily benefit from this (i.e. job promotion, relationships, etc.).

Spinal Column

The spinal column is one of the most important body parts. Without it you could not support yourself upright and perform many complex functions. A healthy spine will optimize your bodies transmission of energy and allow you to coast through your daily tasks with ease and comfort. An excellent solution that will impose gains on your height increasing efforts.

  • Find out why the spinal column is crucial to your growth enhancing success.

  • Learn the anatomy of your spine and the shape of what a healthy spine should look like.

  • Find out what part of your spine supports most of your weight and why that region is the thickest, largest, and strongest.

  • Discover the mechanical stresses placed on your spinal column and how to reduce them significantly.

  • How to minimize spinal compression caused by the daily gravitational forces.

  • This is the reason why you are shorter at night.

  • What the causes of back pain are and how to easily cure them.
  • Why a stronger spine will improve joint function, muscular strength, and coordination.

  • Why a well maintained spine will prevent degeneration of your spinal discs (leading cause of height loss associated with aging).

  • We will show you how to regenerate and thicken your spinal discs to improve your height.

  • Why a healthy spine can greatly improve your sex life!


We can not emphasize strongly enough how important your food intake is for determining exactly how much growth you can possibly obtain. The types of food you eat will either improve or decrease your growth potential. Here is a small sample of what you will learn:

  • The importance protein has on your growth.

  • Why a low caloric intake will create a caloric deficit that can negatively affect the way you process protein and thus compromise your growth.

  • Why diets alone significantly slow protein turnover and hinder growth.

  • Discover what 2 food substances to avoid because they will stunt your growth and possibly lead to nutritional deficiencies.

  • The role of zinc and how it contributes to the growth process.

  • The one substance that is making the current generation of kids grow beyond their expected height!

  • What percentage of fats and unsaturated fats is desirable for children 15yrs and over.

  • How sugar affects growth and development.

  • A list of foods appropriate for growth. Many kids and teens these days eat out. Is this damaging their potential to grow?

  • The importance that water has on growth and development.

Vitamins and Minerals

Undoubtedly, vitamins and minerals are responsible for your bone length and density. The bone mineral established during childhood and adolescence may be the determinant of bone mineral in adulthood. This is a small sample of what you will learn:

  • Discover the most important vitamins and minerals and the amount that you should ingest to accelerate your growth.

  • What foods contain the vitamins and minerals that you need.

  • Why a vitamin and mineral deficiency will stunt your growth.

  • Learn the calcium amount needed for skeletal growth. Calcium is very important for your bones.

  • The 20 amino acids and their roles for increasing your height.

  • 3 time saving tips for preparing foods essential for growth. This will make preparing your food a faster, easier, and more gratifying experience!

  • How to reduce the amount of energy your body needs for digesting fruits and vegetables you eat.

  • How to prepare an energizing combination of vitamins and minerals that will speed up your metabolism, provide you with energy, and make you grow!

Clothing and Apparel

The way you dress can influence, to an extent, how you will be treated by others. It will also influence how tall you will look. By manipulating your clothing styles you will easily make yourself appear taller, slimmer, and more attractive. This is a small sample of what you will learn:

  • 10 clothing guidelines to follow that will make you appear inches taller.

  • What type of clothing styles to avoid because they will make you look short.

  • The differences in hair styles and the effects that they have on how tall you look.

  • The psycological effects manifested on others by the colors you wear and how to apply different color combinations to manifest them.

Growth Disorders and Decreasing Conditions

The stresses and pressures caused by the environment has lead many people, particularly women, into establishing unhealthy eating habits and disorders. There are a couple of genetically induced deceases that contribute to growth abnormalities as well as height decreasing conditions. Here is just a small sample of what you will learn:

  • Discover why some people can't stop growing!

  • Learn about many different growth disorders that affect height.

  • Why males have a much higher growth hormone secretion potential.

  • Why the size and type of shoes you wear may affect your height.

  • 4 eating disorders that will stunt your growth.
  • Why "bandy" legs makes some people shorter than they really are.

  • How, over time, "bandy legs" will cause physical problems that will increase the risk for injuries.

  • Find out how and where to get treated for "bandy" legs (curved, bowed-legged)

  • Growth hormone deficiency and treatment.

  • Environmental factors that influence growth.

  • How to maximize your growth potential by utilizing your surroundings.

  • 5 daily activities that stunt growth and how to easily get rid of them.

Mental Exercises (Guided Imagery)

Your mind is a powerful thing to waste. Scientists say most people use around fifteen percent of their total mental capabilities. Learning how to manipulate your mind is easier than you think. Guided Imagery will allow you to reach your goals! It is one of the most valuable skills you will ever learn! Here is a small sample of what you will discover:

  • How to easily manipulate your mind so that you can accomplish any goal.

  • Thought processing patterns that keep you from being an achiever and how to destroy them.

  • 2 of the worst habits that keep millions of people from making their dreams a reality and how you can eliminate them.

  • Why the foods you eat have a significant effect on your thought patterns.

  • Why progressive muscle relaxation (simple massage) is an ideal procedure that will make you physically and mentally prepared to do anything.

  • Helpful advice that will make the people around you help you achieve your dreams.


Sleep is the condition that your mind entrusts to repair, remove, and replenish your body. It also regulates your bodies ability to grow. Therefore, it makes sense to put yourself in an ideal sleeping environment so that you can reap from its growth enhancing rewards. You will discover:

  • Why your spine stretches and lengthens during sleep.

  • Why you can be up to 1/2 an inch taller after a good nights sleep.

  • Discover the proper amount of sleep that will allow you to manufacture human growth hormone to another level!

  • Why the quality and quantities of air you breath can have a significant effect on your growth.

  • 5 sleep enhancing methods that will stimulate growth hormone secretion and make you grow tall.

  • 6 very important reasons to sleep in an ideal setting.
  • 7 sleeping positions that will lengthen your spine and allow you to grow.

  • 8 sleep inducing items that will trigger your sleep quickly and comfortably.

  • 9 nutritional snacks that will make you fall asleep fast.

  • 10 reasons you should develop good sleeping habits.

  • We will show you what level of sleep is required to GROW~!

The tips, strategies, and secrets mentioned in the above lists are the most effective techniques that will thrust your height increasing goals through the roof!

There are literally hundreds of different ways to grow taller. You will learn which ones are the easiest, fastest and most effective; and which are a waste of time. We will show you step-by-step, how to have effective growth results in a fair amount of time.

No nonsense, but pure real-world safe, proven-to-work adaptable techniques and strategies.

You do not need to be a genius to succeed. You don't need any special equipment or experience to grow. You can be ANY age and improve your height! Depending on age, you can begin seeing results within a couple of weeks to a few months after you start our HEIGHT ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM and follow our cutting edge advice!

Techniques that make it possible for people of all shapes and sizes start applying and achieving the benefits they desire. We cut through the fog and show you what it really takes to grow!

This knowledge comes from thoroughly and consistently making and adjusting techniques month in and month out with a remarkable success rate. And anyone can succeed. Once you have grown there is nothing left to do. We will share all the details of this extremely successful system.

Most people expect to grow taller overnight. Others are more realistic and believe they will gain height in six months. We will guarantee you will start seeing improvements in a couple of weeks to a few months after you apply our techniques and secrets. No ifs, ands, or buts. Be prepared to work hard applying all of our advice and techniques exactly as described. Measuring yourself every month. Once you are successful, just spend five minutes a day stretching to maintain your health and grow a little extra.

Remember, if you don't have any proven techniques to grow, we will give them to you. We provide information that no one else has!


"I would like to congratulate you for giving me hope, inspiration, and the knowledge I so desperately needed to succeed. I have grown 2.3 inches so far! I am a 24-old business consultant that is enjoying life because of you. Thank you so much."
-Jerry Robinson, College Park, MD
"My gratitude to you. We (my son and I) have been following your advice for six months. As a result, my son is 15 years-old and 6-foot-3. His growth spurt has been unbelievable! I have added 1 1/4 inches to my 5-foot-11 frame and feel very energetic at 45 years of age. Your system is not only the best, but we believe that it is as close as having the fountain of youth."
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"I am impulsive when it comes to buying anything related to improving my height. I have bought everything that is currently available. I must say that you truly have everything that I need to be taller. No other system and advice out there is as powerful or successful as yours. In fact, I feel like throwing everything else that I bought away.
-Karen Richmond, Miami, Florida
"Absolutely-positively a must-have for anyone wanting to grow. It really works. After reading this book, you're likely to rethink the way you look at "fitness", "sleeping", "breathing", and "nutrition." I'm nearly two inches taller- Excellent!"
-Andrew Davis, Leeds, UK
"It doesn't get any better than this. Your system contains a method that is safe and effective. I am still amazed at my results (1 and 1/3 inches in only two months)! No surgery, no machines, just plain ol' hard work and proper nutrition has given me a taller, firmer, and healthier frame."
-Linda Smith, San Diego, CA
"I am 3 inches taller after seven months of applying all the knowledge and information that you gave me, and I'm only 17 years-old! I would like to be 6-foot-two and with your advice and revolutionary exercises I am positive that I will! Girls pay attention to me now. My friends respect me. Thanks!"
-Jasber Heng, Singapore, Singapore
"Betaller.com's advice helped me gain a whopping 2 and 3/4 inches. I can honestly say that it is priceless."
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"No book, no manual, no training program (including those costing hundreds of dollars) even approaches GROW TALLER: Proven Insider Secret Tips And Techniques That Will Make You Grow! When it comes to height increasing info on the web, there is no one close behind in second place."
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our world-wide friends with the most up-to-date and reliable information available anywhere in the world designed to make you taller. We want to help you discover a new confidence, increased self-esteem, and a positive attitude. We have educated researchers that span the world. Our researchers gather all relevant information that is related to your bones, your growth, your height. Make this site your source for 'GROW TALLER: PROVEN INSIDER SECRET TIPS AND TECHNIQUES THAT WILL MAKE YOU GROW!'


Betaller.com Staff

Growth Enhancement Experts: Cunningham, Irwin: Microbiologist; Burk, Mike: Chemist; Serrano, Jesus, Dr.: General Doctor; Duarte, Carlos: Biochemist; Statton, Patricia, endocrinologist


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